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One of the goals of our organization is to promote and encourage original doll art. Our Storybook Character Dolls exhibits are an ongoing effort to achieve this goal, and in addition to encourage children to read!

Each original doll in the exhibits is created based on a character in a favorite book. Members then generously lend each doll along with a copy of the book which inspired it, to be part of an exhibit which travels from library to library in the Texas Gulf Coast area, being displayed in each location for about a month. The Storybook Character Exhibit project, which began in 2001, has now expanded to three separate exhibits. Librarians where the exhibits have been displayed report that our displays have been extremely popular with library patrons, young and old, and invariably ask, " When can we get them back" or "When can I get a new one?"

Storybook Exhibit I (retired)

Storybook Exhibit II (retired)

Storybook Exhibit III (retired)

Storybook Exhibit IV (retired)

Storybook Exhibit V (retired)

Storybook Exhibit VI (retired)

Storybook Exhibit VII (retired)

Storybook Exhibit VIII

Storybook Exhibit IX

For additional information on any of the dolls shown or about their scheduled appearances, please contact our Storybook Coordinator.


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